Principal’s Message

Dear Parent/Guardian:

It is with great enthusiasm that I welcome you to the new school year. I understand there may be challenges ahead of us; however, I am confident we will maintain excellent collaboration to ensure the physical safety, the social emotional wellbeing, and the educational success of our children.

I espouse the belief that teaching and learning are interdependent and that as such, both the instructor and the pupil are reciprocally engaged in the scholastic activity. This philosophy is evident in every classroom at Arch Creek Elementary. We strive to provide quality instruction to our pupils and to promote positive interactions among teachers and students.  The facilitation of such exchange allows students to learn from their instructors as well as their peers.  While each individual learner is unique, everyone is valued and celebrated for his/her contribution to the learning environment. 

I further believe that home is an extension of school and that as such, parents play a prominent role in the education of their children. There are several ways you can assist your child at home to ensure that he/she is successful. One way you can help your child is to make sure that he/she attends school every day and on time. Another way you can assist your student is to ensure that he/she reads daily and completes all homework assignments given by teachers. Furthermore, it is essential that you get involved in the life of the school by volunteering your time, by participating in parent/teacher conferences, and by becoming an active member of the parent teacher association (PTA) and the educational excellence school advisory council (EESAC).

It is imperative that you and your child know the expectations and the standards related to appropriate behavior for a safe and productive school year. A copy of the Code of Student Conduct and of our school procedures is included in the Parent/Student Handbook. Please review the rules and expectations with your child.

While looking forward to working in partnership with you, I thank you for entrusting your most precious treasure to us.


Dr. Myriam Pascale Delisma-Pierre, Principal

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